Our minimum fee in respect of any letting is £350 over the duration of the letting except in the case of “Introduction Only” where a minimum fee of £300 applies. If any instructions are terminated in a managed agreement before fees to this total have been paid a balancing payment of the shortfall will be due.



We will inspect your property and provide advice and recommendation as to attainable rent and what, if any, works which should be undertaken prior to commencement of a tenancy. Once formally instructed to act on your behalf we will prepare marketing materials and advertise via online, written and verbal methods then arrange and accompany internal inspection by interested prospective tenants. Upon receipt of an offer we will negotiate terms on your behalf to agreement and take up references on the tenant. Our team will draw up and execute the appropriate tenancy agreement and we will take and protect the tenancy deposit as stakeholders and give advice to the landlord client in relation to all tenancy related queries:

minimum fee of £350



As above in “Letting Only” however we will continue to collect rents on the agreed weekly or monthly periodic basis for the term of the tenancy and produce regular management statements to account to the landlord:

(subject to a minimum fee of £350)

7% of rents collected.



In addition to the services detailed above we will contact utility suppliers to ensure that utility accounts are correctly transferred. A designated property manager will attend the property for regular (at least quarterly) inspections then submitting a report of condition and any recommended works. Upon your instruction we will settle trades invoices and submit copy statements to accountants or solicitors as required. At the end of the term we will negotiate the distribution of the deposit:

10% of the collected rent



We will market the property as per your instructions and accompany prospective tenants to viewing appointments. In this service we will pass relevant contact details (subject to the tenants consent) and take up references but do not prepare any documentation:




This service is for H.M.O Landlords, at iRent we work closely with our landlords and tenants to deliver a personal service tailored exactly to their needs. With our guaranteed rent service our landlords benefit from a free property management service, where we vet all tenants and conduct regular free inspections. Our guaranteed rent service provides you with between 1 to 5 years worth of guaranteed rental income. What’s more, there’s no catch and no fees involved. Contact us to book a property visit where we will give you a same day quote.